Moritz Kässmayer

The Complete Collection (20) of Austrian Folk Songs

For String Quartet (Soundbites below)


Wildschütz'n Liad
(Game poacher's song


Kein kreutzer Geld
No silver, no money-



Kinder, jetzt halt's eng z'samm
(Now children, stand close together)


Mein' Mutter hat g'ssagt
My mother has said)



So geht's in der Welt
(So goes the world


Wenn's Morg'n widder regn't
(If it rains again tomorrow)


We are pleased to bring out for the first time ever all of Kässmayer's beloved Austrian (includes the Viennese and Styrian) Folk Songs for String Quartet in one volume. They were originally published in 5 separate volumes but never together. These wonderful "Humorous and Contrapuntal Volkslieder" or Folk Songs for String Quartet as he called them, are all fun to play and very finely written. Kässmayer was awarded the Imperial Austrian Medal for Art and Culture which clearly reflects how highly respected he and his music were.


Moritz Kässmayer (1831-1884) was born in Vienna and spent his entire life there. He studied at the Vienna Conservatory after which he served as a violinist in the Vienna Philharmonic and later as Director of Ballet Music for the Austrian Imperial Court Opera. He mostly composed chamber music. Besides his Austrian Folk Songs for String Quartet, he also composed German, Hungarian and Norwegian Folk Songs, which we also publish, both separately and as part of The Complete Collection of National Folk Songs


Of course, we offer all 5 volumes separately and at a lower price than you can purchase them elsewhere. (Click here if  you wish to purchase an individual volume) But even if you were to purchase all 5 from us separately the total would be $65. By purchasing the entire Austrian Collection in one volume, now available for the first time, you will save nearly 25%. By purchasing all of the folks songs in one volume you will save 40% over the cost of buying them separately.


(A) The Entire Austrian Collection of 20 Folk Songs $47.95
(B) The Entire Collection of 52 National Folk Songs $99.95




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