Hugo Kauder

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String Quartet No.1 in c minor

“String Quartet No.1 dates from 1921 and was composed for the Gottesmann Quartet of which he was the violist. The opening movement, though marked Ruhig, streng gemessen (Quiet, strong and grave), begins with a funereal introduction followed by a turbulent and dramatic section which is full of passion. The gorgeous, elegiac second movement, Sehr langsam (adagio) begins with a marvelous viola solo, well-suited to the Jewish folk melody which is employed for the main theme. There is a wonderful bright, playful middle section. The finale, Sehr mäßig bewegt (moderato assai), is a series of variations on a fugue. The writing is magnificent and calls to mind Beethoven’s Grosse Fuga, though on a small scale. This is a very appealing first rate work which would work well in concert and should interest amateurs."---The Chamber Music Journal


Hugo Kauder (1888-1972) was one of several Austro-Hungarian composers born in the last period of the Romantic movement, who along with such men as Karl Weigl, Erich Korngold, Leo Weiner and Zoltan Kodaly, rejected the atonalism of the Second Vienna School. Kauder was born in the Moravian town of Tobitschau and studied violin and composition in Vienna where he pursued a career as a composer and performer in various string quartets. He emigrated to the United States after the Nazi's annexed Austria. His compositions are tonal and varied in approach and musical thought.


We believe this is a modern masterwork which belongs in the concert repertoire. And though this is not a work for beginning amateurs, certainly well within the range of experienced players.


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