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Trio for Oboe or Violin, Viola & Piano in d minor

Hugo Kauder's Trio for Oboe or Violin, Viola and Piano in d minor was completed in 1916. Kauder was 28 and very active Viennese musical life at the time performing regularly in orchestras and chamber music ensembles and had already made a reputation for himself as an up and coming composer. The trio is in three movements. The opening movement, Ruhig, fliessend (calm and flowing) begins with a rolling melody in the viola, the oboe then takes over and finally the piano. As the title suggests, themes just flow along effortlessly. An Intermezzo follows and Kauder instructs the performers to play gracefully. The closing movement, Ruhig und schlicht, wie eine Volksweise (Calm and simple, like a folktune), begins with a long oboe solo before the viola joins in. A middle section is quicker and more agitated, but the coda is peaceful and recalls the opening movement. Kauder recognized that the combination of Oboe, Viola and Piano was an unusual one and in hopes of it getting a wider audience wrote that the upper part was for Oboe or Violin.


Hugo Kauder (1888-1972) was one of several Austro-Hungarian composers born in the last period of the Romantic movement, who along with such men as Karl Weigl, Erich Korngold, Leo Weiner and Zoltan Kodaly, rejected the atonalism of the Second Vienna School. Kauder was born in the Moravian town of Tobitschau and studied violin and composition in Vienna where he pursued a career as a composer and performer in various string quartets. He emigrated to the United States after the Nazi's annexed Austria. His compositions are tonal and varied in approach and musical thought.


Works for Oboe, Viola and Piano are not numerous, however, we also offer a few other fine works for the same combination. To learn more click on the following links:  Robert Kahn's Serenade, August Klughardt's Schilflieder, Charles Loeffler's Two Rhapsodies, and Adolf Ruthardt's Trio.


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