Wilhelm Kienzl

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String Quartet No.3 in E Major, Op.113

String Quartet No.3 in E Flat Major, Op.113 was composed in 1928. Of the three, it is the most concise. Though not an overtly happy work, it has none of the anguish of No.2. The opening movement, Allegro con fuoco, reminds one, tonally speaking, of Hugo Wolf and Richard Strauss. It is optimistic, yet with a sense of destiny. An emotionally low-keyed but very romantic Andante in the form of a lied follows. Next comes a quasi lyrical Scherzo. The short finale, Vivacissimo, is full of high spirits. Its rollicking horse ride rhythm is full of bustle. This is a richly romantic work of very high quality.---The Chamber Music Journal


Wilhelm Kienzl (1857-1941) was born in the small, picturesque upper Austrian town of Waizenkirchen. His family moved to the Styrian capital of Graz not long after. It was there that he began studies on the piano and later in composition. Subsequently he studied at the Prague, Leipzig and Vienna Conservatories. Kienzl was much influenced by Wagner, and Opera became his first love. Despite this fact, he did not ignore chamber music. He wrote three string quartets and a piano trio


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