Julius Klengel

This sextet has not been recorded. The soundbites are from a tape of a conservatory recital where a bass was used in place of cello II

 Soundbite 1st Movt

Soundbite 2nd Movt

Soundbite 3rd Movt

Soundbite 4th Movt

String Sextet, Op.60

Writing in his Chamber Music Handbook, the famous chamber music scholar Wilhelm Altmann has this to say about Klengel’s sextet:

“In 1924, the well-known cellist Julius Klengel, a man entirely familiar with classical and romantic works, given his long service as a string quartet player, produced a string sextet, with such a wealth of a appealing ideas, all gorgeous in sound that this work should certainly be given concert performance. It also should not be missed by amateurs as it poses no insurmountable technical problems. One of the many excellences of the work is the fact that none of the movements is long-winded. The first movement, Allegro pathetico, is really magnificent, full of real passion and rhythmically interesting. The second movement, Andante is in Lied form, filled with noble, lyrical melody. Next comes an original sounding Scherzo with Slavic tinges. Particularly noteworthy here is the pizzicato accompaniment in the second cello. The fleet-footed finale, Allegro, is jovial and quite effective.”

Julius Klengel (1859 –1933) was born in the German city of Leipzig. He came from a musical family. His father was a keen amateur player and his grandfather was a composer. For several years, no less than 7 members of the Klengel family played in the famous Leipzig Gewandhaus Orchestra. A gifted cellist, Julius Klengel enjoyed a career as a soloist, orchestral player, teacher and composer. He served for more than 40 years as the principal cellist of the LGO and also became a professor of cello at the Leipzig Conservatory. Among his many students were Emanuel Feuermann, Guilhermina Suggia, Paul Grümmer, Gregor Piatigorsky, and William Pleeth.


Long unavailable, we are pleased to reintroduce it. It should be at home both on the concert stage and on the music stands of amateurs players.

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