Friedrich Klose

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String Quartet in E flat Major

Friedrich Klose (1862-1942) was born in the German city of Karlsruhe. He studied composition with Vinzenz Lachner, the younger brother of Franz and Ignaz, in Munich and then went to Viena where he continued his studies with Anton Bruckner. He subsequently pursued a career as a composer and teacher, working at the conservatories in Basel and Geneva and finally in Munich. Most of his works are for voice in one form or another. His String Quartet in E flat Major dates from 1911 and is his only chamber work. Like much of his music, it shows the influence of Bruckner. Wilhelm Altmann, in his Handbook for String Quartet Players has this to say about the work:


"This composer astonished the world by producing a quartet in 1911 with the dedication “A tribute to His Severity, the German Schoolmaster.” Nonetheless, despite this dedication, his quartet does not resemble the dry and pedagogic work that a pedantic music teacher and defender of strict form would consider correct or at least desirable. It is a big and complicated work requiring experienced ensemble players. The opening movement is broadly designed with an elastic tempo. The second movement begins Adagio non troppo and leads to an inspired Andante. Next comes an agitated Scherzo with frequent shifts between pizzicato and arco. The trio section is rhythmically interesting. The finale, departs from tradition in that it is mainly written in a slow tempo. The composer, in the score, quotes four lines from Schiller, “Let thy heart still shine, become they refuge / When the wind of life blows loud and strong / Look for freedom’s dwelling but in dreamland / Look for beauty’s blossom, but in song.”


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