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Trio in C Major for 2 Violas & Cello or Violin, Viola & Cello

Franz Koczwara (František Kočvara in the Czech form and sometimes known as Kotzwara) was born in Prague around 1740. Some sources say 1730 others 1750. He died in London in 1791. Not much is known of his early life. He toured as a soloist and was said to be a virtuoso on the violin, viola and double bass. In 1775, he moved to London and it was here that he became quite well known for his various compositions, the most famous of which was the orchestral work, The Battle of Prague. He composed in all genres, including a considerable amount of chamber music.


His Trio in C Major, in three movements---Andante espressivo, Adagio and Rondo, allegro---was originally called Sonata but this was usual for the time. (Haydn called his piano trios sonatas) It was for the unusual combination of 2 violas and cello dates from 1775. It was one of six trios he submitted to the London publisher C. & S. Thompson each for different ensembles. It is an interesting work from a historical standpoint as it gives testimony of the kind of chamber music then in demand in England, but it can stand on its own merits as well.


Because the combination is quite unusual and not often to be played, we have also created a violin part as an alternate possibility.


(A) 2 Violas & Cello $14.95
(B) Violin, Viola & Cello $14.95
(C) All 4 Parts $19.95



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