The Viennese Dance Series for Chamber Ensembles

Karl Komzák, Jr.



Märchen (A Fairy Tale), Op.135 No.2

 For String Quartet

Karel Komzák, Jr. (1850-1905) was born in Prague. After training under his father, Karel Komzák Sr, also composer, bandmaster and conductor, he studied violin, musical theory and conducting at the Prague Conservatory. Afterwards, he played in his father’s regimental band (orchestra) in which Dvorak also played for a while. Subsequently, he became its director. Later he became conductor of the famous Baden Spa orchestra in a suburb of Vienna. Like his father, he wrote a great number of waltzes, marches and polkas. His congenial appearance, friendly nature and energetic conducting soon made him a firm favourite of the Viennese public, who regarded him as one of the leading military composers. In 1904, the year before his death, he traveled to the World Exhibition in St Louis where he conducted the Wiener Farben Orchestra. Along with Carl Michael Ziehrer and the Fahrbachs, he was considered one of Vienna's leading composers of military marches and dances.


Like of Johann Strauss Sr and Jr, the great popularity of his music led to his publishers demanding arrangements for all different combinations, and particular for chamber music groups that could perform in the cafes of Vienna. In the case of his Mărchen, a fairy tale, the composition was, in fact, originally intended for string quartet. It was composed in 1886. Our edition is based on the original edition by Cranz of Hamburg.


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