Alexander Krein


 Caprice Hebraique for Violin & Piano, Op.24

Alexander Krein (1883-1951) was the son of a well-known Klezmer musician. He entered the Moscow Conservatory at fourteen, taking composition lessons from Sergei Taneyev. Subsequently, he joined the Society for Jewish Folk Music and began to weave Hebraic melodies into the format of orthodox chamber works.


Caprice Hebraique was composed in 1917. Hebrew melodies are featured and worked in the caprice format. The work begins slowly with the piano setting the stage. The violin enters with a moody eastern European Jewish or Hebrew plaint, sad and a little down-trodden. Then comes a lighter and more playful.


The Caprice Hebraique makes for an excellent short recital work or a substantial encore. It has been out of print and unavailable in the West for many years. We have reprinted an old Russian edition.

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