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Trio Original for Flute, Viola (or Violin) & Piano

Kaspar Kummer (1795-1870 sometimes Caspar or Gaspard) was born in the German town of Erlau. He was trained as a flutist and was a noted performer on that instrument as well as a composer for it. Although today, very little information is to be had about him, during his life he was quite well-known and his compositions enjoyed a fair amount of popularity. He also worked as a teacher and among his students were Friedrich Kiel and Felix Draeseke. Most of his compositions include the flute.


The Trio Original as Kummer titled it was completed in 1832. It was published for Flute, Viola and Piano, however, the publisher insisted on a violin part in lieu of viola and it is in this format that one most often hears the trio. Kummer also arranged it for a quintet of 2 flutes, viola, cello and guitar. In four movements, the trio begins with a substantial somewhat heroic Allegro non tanto. The second movement, Andante poco adagio, starts as a sad song without words but has a cheerful chripy middle section, Allegretto scherzando. The third movement, though marked Menuetto, allegro non tanto, is not the type that could be danced to, it is to quick. There is a lovely, slower and nicely contrasting trio section. The Trio is concluded by an engaging Allegro con moto.

(A) Flute, Viola & Piano $15.95
(B) Flute, Violin & Piano $15.95
(C) All Four Parts $19.95



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