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Terzetto for Oboe, Bassoon & Piano, Op.22

Théophile Lalliet (1837-1892) was born in the French town of Evreux and studied oboe and composition at the Paris Conservatory. He enjoyed a career as an oboist in several orchestras not only in Paris but also in Germany. He also pursued a solo career and became a well-known teacher. As a composer most of his compositions were for or, like this trio, included the oboe. He was well-known for his transcriptions of famous works.


The Op.22 Trio for Oboe, Bassoon and Piano is one of his few original compositions. It was designed to show off how suitable a work for oboe and bassoon could be. The result was a lyrical work, romantic in character with many appealing melodies which features all three instruments in a fine light. The opening movement, a Moderato, begins with a dramatic piano introduction before the oboe introduces the slinky opening theme. When the bassoon takes it up a little while later it becomes a little lighter. Then all three join together in presenting the sunny second theme. In the middle movement, Andante maestoso, the bassoon leads the way in presenting the lovely, singing and long-lined theme with a lengthy solo. A duet played by both instruments shows just how just what a beautiful combination they make. The finale, Allegro moderato, is a playful rondo, a buoyant, light-hearted romp.


Unavailable for many years, both oboists and bassoonists ought not to pass up this wonderful romantic gem.

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