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Josef Lanner

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Dornbacher Lšndler, Op.9 for String Quartet or Piano Quintet

Josef Lanner (1801-1843), although not so well-known as either Johann Strauss Sr., was one of the original pioneer "Waltz Kings" of Vienna. Today, outside of Vienna, he is all but forgotten. But some extraordinarily lovely music came from his pens. And all of it was originally intended for small chamber music ensembles. Josef Lanner, a violinist, was largely self-taught. At first a member of a small local Viennese dance orchestra, Lanner formed a string quartet and went out on his own. He met with immediate success and after a few years increased the size of his group to a small string orchestra which included Johann Strauss, Sr. who served as Lanner's deputy leader.

Was this music specifically written for string quartet or piano quintet. The original setting for Dornbacher Lšndler was for a string quartet consisting of 3 violins and a bass or cello. Our edition is for the traditional string quartet of 2 violins, viola and cello. We have also made an arrangement for piano and string quartet. (piano quintet). Our sound-bite, with string quartet, presents abbreviated sections of four of the six lšndler

The Dornbacher Lšndler, Op.9, were composed in the early 1820's and took an old Austrian traditional country folk dance, the lšndler (in German meaning from country) and presented it in an updated way--more or less in early waltz format-- so that it could be danced to in Vienna's then popular dance halls. For most of the 19th century, the Dornbacher Lšndler were known throughout Europe and are among Lanner's most beloved compositions. Dornbach was a small village on the outskirts of the Vienna Woods where the Viennese were fond of going for a Sunday picnic or walk in the countryside. There are six short dances and a finale.

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