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 Piano Trio in g minor, Op.13

Sylvio Lazzari (1857-1944) was born in Bolzen in the South Tirol, then part of the Austrian Habsburg Empire, now part of Italy known as Bolzano. Of Italian and Austrian stock, his given name was Josef Sylvester Lazzari which he changed when he arrived in Paris in 1882, after studying law in Innsbruck and Vienna. In Paris, he studied with Charles Gounod and befriended Cesar Franck and Ernest Chausson, who encouraged him to pursue a career in France. He did so and remained in Paris for the rest of his life, holding several positions. He composed in most genres. His chamber music includes a string quartet, an octet for winds and this piano trio. His music shows the influence of Franck and Wagner.


The Piano Trio in g minor, Op.13 dates from 1887 and met with considerable success at its premiere and was often played in France up until the First World War after which it, along with so many other fine works, disappeared from the repertoire. It is a big work in four movements, opening with a lengthy Adagio misterioso introduction before the appearance of the main powerful section, Allegro con fuoco. (our soundbite begins here) The second movement, a lovely, flowing Andante begins with a long cello solo before the violin joins in. Next comes a playful Allegretto grazioso. The dramatic and exciting finale, Allegro appassionato, brings the work to a close.


This is a fine work, sure to make a strong impression upon its audiences. Long out of print, we are pleased to make it available once again and hope that by so doing it will reappear on concert programs.

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