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Piano Trio in g minor, Op.30

There is very little information about the French composer Rene Lenormand (1846-1932) available. He was born in the French town of Elbeuf and studied piano privately with Berthld Damcke  in Paris. He took an active part in Parisian musical life and founded the Societe de musique d'ensemble. Almost entirely forgotten today, he was known for his vocal works and for his book The Study of Modern Harmony. As far as chamber music goes, besides his piano trio, he wrote a few instrumental sonatas.


The Piano Trio in g minor dates from 1893. The work opens with a harmonically audacious (for the time) and passionate Allegro which has a gallant melody for its main theme. Tension comes in the form of rhythmic episodes. Next comes a somber Andante with a dramatic and sensual middle section. The third movement is a galloping a Scherzo with tinges of Bizet. The work concludes with an Allegro which is full of unbridled energy and forward motion.


Here is another first rate piano trio, totally forgotten and consigned (hopefully until now) to oblivion. It certainly belongs in the concert hall where it will be welcomed by audiences for its freshness and originality. It should also be of interest to amateurs as it presents no great technical difficulties. We hope piano trio groups will take the time to make the acquaintance of this fine work.

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