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Quartet for Flute, Violin, Viola & Cello in G Major, Op.3

Franciszek Lessel's Flute Quartet in G Major dates from 1806 and with the help of Haydn was published in Vienna. It is in four movements and opens with an Allegro that has a very ornamented first subject for its main theme, which is presented by the flute. The second theme is in the form of a choral. The second movement, Adagio, begins with the strings presenting a poignant melody. The second subject is first presented by the flute and later taken up by the cello. The third movement is a very classical Menuetto with trio while the finale begins with an Allegretto bright theme in the flute and then followed by six variations and a coda. The work clearly shows that Lessel not only was an accomplished composer but also one with an easy gift for appealing melody.


Franciszek Lessel (1780-1838) was born in the Polish city of Warsaw. His first music lessons were with his father, a prominent pianist and composer. In 1799 he went to Vienna where he studied with Haydn for a decade after which he returned to Warsaw pursuing a career as a pianist and composer. Along with Josef Elsner and Ignacy Dobrzynski, Lessel is considered one of the most important Polish composers of the classical era.


This is one of the best flute quartet's from the classical era. It is not simply a vehicle for the flute as so many others were. Lessel does not ignore the strings who are also given thematic material.

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