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Sonata for Viola and Piano in c minor, Op.7

Frank Limbert (1866-1938) was born in New York City. At the age of 8 in 1874, he was taken to Germany by his parents where he lived the rest of his life. He studied composition at the Hoch Conservatory in Frankfurt with Iwan Knorr and subsequently with Josef Rheinberger. He pursued a career as a composer and conductor in Hanau and Dusseldorf. His chamber music compositions were not numerout but this sonata and a string quartet where held in high regard.


The Sonata in c minor dates from 1892 and is in four movements. The opening movement is a turbulent Allegro, full of passion and drama. The second movement, though marked Tempo di Minuetto, is more in the nature of a playful and lively scherzo. Next comes a doleful, gripping Adagio. The finale is a thrusting and powerful Allegro risoluto.


There are few viola sonatas from the late romantic era that are as fine as Limbert's. It certainly belongs in the rectial hall where it is sure to make a strong impression. Unavailable for almost a century, we are pleased to reintroduce it and warmly recommend it to professionals and amateurs alike


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