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Trio for Violin, Viola and Piano in g minor, Op.10

Adolf Lindblad (1801-1878) was born in the Swedish town of Skänninge. He took piano and flute lessons from local teachers before entering Uppsala University where he studied composition and harmony. He then went to Berlin continuing his studies with the well known composition teacher Carl Zelter. A fellow student was Felix Mendelssohn and the two struck up a friendship which lasted throughout Mendelssohn's life. Upon his return to Sweden, Lindblad devoted himself to composition and teaching, opening a music school which he ran for most of his life. He became well-known as a music teacher and eventually secured a position as teacher to the King's children. The income from this allowed him time to compose. His specialty was the art song or lieder of which he composed over 200, earning him the title of “the Swedish Schubert." But he did not ignore other genres including chamber music and penned some 10 string quartets, 2 string quintets, several instrumental sonatas and this piano trio. Lindblad's music shows the influence of Haydn, Mozart and Beethoven, and as a result sounds like that of the late Classical and early Romantic eras.

The Trio in g minor was composed in 1843 for his friend the famous entomologist Carl Dohrn. In four movements. The first, Allegro, opens with a figure in the violin, echoed by the viola, contrasted by a response from piano and in those first few bars are the building blocks of the entire movement. The second movement, Seherzo allegro molto is lively and mischievous with a brightly contrasting trio. Next comes a quiet Andante con moto, a simple lullaby. A boisterous, spirited finale, Allegro assai, brings this work to a close. If someone had told you that Beethoven had composed this trio in 1805, you would not have been surprised.


Works for this combination are few and far between and this is a good one which can be warmly recommended to both professionals and amateur trio groups. Long out of print, we are pleased to reintroduce this fine trio. Our revised edition, unlike earlier ones has rehearsal numbers.


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