Jean Baptiste Loeillet de Gant

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Trio Sonata in b minor for Piano Trio

There is considerable confusion over composers with the name Jean Baptiste Loeillet and even the spelling of the name. The two most famous are had the same name. Jean Baptiste Loillet (1680-1722) added "de Gant" (meaning born in Ghent) to distinguish himself from his cousin of the same name who is sometimes call "of London". Our Jean Baptiste Loillet wrote several books of sonatas in the Italian style after Corelli. His trio sonatas served as models for later composers such as Haydn and Mozart who eventually created the modern piano trio.


The Trio Sonata in b minor, thought to be second from Book 5, is sometimes styled Op.5 No.2 but it did not travel by that name for several centuries. It may not have even been for harpsichord, violin and cello. Composers from this period used several instruments and even voice interchangeably. For example, Oboe for a Violin and vice-versa. The writing is surprising modern in that the bass voice is given an equal role. It is in four movements, Largo, Allegro, Adagio and Allegro con spirito. Our soundbites are of the last three movements. We have been unable to find one of the first movement.


This is a fine work which would make a pleasant interlude between to larger works on a program of serve as a historical example of early writing for this combination.


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