Joseph Marx

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Trio Phantasie for Violin, Cello and Piano

The Trio-Phantasy dates from 1913 and is in five movements. In his Handbook for Piano Trio Players, the famous chamber music savant Wilhelm Altmann writes:


“In the opening movement, Schwungvoll, aber nicht zu schnell, we have a magnificent lilting theme, rising to great heights. It is deeply felt and an outstanding piece of work. The warm Adagietto which follows has for its main subject a delicious melody which recalls the spirit of Beethoven. Next comes a Scherzando that breathes the true spirit of Vienna. Full of tempo changes, echoes of Johann Strauss’s Fledermaus song, Trink Liebschen, Trink can be heard. The fourth movement, Intermezzo, begins with a long piano solo. The main theme recalls that of the first movement. In the highly effective closing movement, Tanz-Finale, many of the themes heard in the earlier movements are reprised but new material is also added. The work can certainly be recommended, even to amateurs who are experienced and of good ability.”


Joseph Marx (1882-1964) was born in Austrian provincial capital of Graz. He studied violin, cello and piano at Graz’s Buwa's Music School and then attended Graz University where he took degrees in philosophy and art history, all the while composing music. In the realm of composition, he was largely self-taught. Most of his compositions at this time were art songs, or Lieder, and gained him a wide audience, so much so, that he was hailed the successor to Schubert, and Hugo Wolf as a song composer. On the strength of these works, he obtained the position of professor of theory at the Vienna Music Academy (Hochschule fur Musik) and later served as its rector. He also was an adviser to the Turkish government in laying the foundations of a conservatory in Ankara. Marx's music drew from many sources. He could be called a late romantic impressionist. Although one can hear certain affinities with the music of Debussy, Scriabin, Delius, Ravel, Respighi, Jongen, Richard Strauss, Reger, Korngold, Brahms, Mahler and Bruckner, his sound is nonetheless his own.


Long unavailable, we are pleased to reintroduce fine work certainly would do well in concert but should also should not be missed by experienced amateur players

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