Jacques Féréol Mazas

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String Trio No.1 in G Major, Op.18 No.1

For 2 Violins & Cello or 2 Violins & Viola

Mazas' String Trio No.1 in G Major, Op.18 No.1 is the first of a set of three which date from 1810. The Op.18 were probably his best known chamber music. In three movements, the trio opens with a genial Allegro non troppo. The middle movement, though marked Allegro moderato, is more in the nature of an Andantino. The finale, Rondo allegretto, is a spirited dance-like affair.


Jacques Féréol Mazas (1782-1849) was born in the French town of Lavaur. He studied violin with Pierre Baillot at the Paris Conservatory and had a very successful career as a touring virtuoso. Later he served as a music director in both Paris and Orleans. Most of his compositions are for the violin although he compose three string quartets in addition to the Op.18 trios. He became widely known both during his lifetime and thereafter for his books on violin technique.




(A) Two Violins & Cello $14.95
(B) Two Violins & Viola $14.95
(C) All Four Parts $18.95



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