Felix Mendelssohn

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Sinfonia No.3 (String Symphony) in e minor

For 2 Violins, Viola, Cello & Bass

Carl Zelter, Felix Mendelssohn's composition teacher, must have been delighted when his student turned in his early composition assignments which included his String Symphony No.3 in e minor. It dates from 1821 when Felix was only 14 years old and made Zelter realize that he was dealing with an extraordinary prodigy. In three movements, the work begins with an energetic Allegro di molto and is followed by lovely Andante and concludes with a propulsive Allegro.


The work only calls for 5 instruments and was intended for a small group of players. It was called a Sinfonia because of the style of the work and not because it required several players. Hence, it is ironic that today we only hear them performed by the massed string sections of a modern symphony or chamber orchestras. We know that Mendelssohn intended this work for five  players not more and that is how they were performed in the Mendelssohn home. Long out of print, we are pleased to reintroduce a work which makes a fine selection for quintet or perhaps a slightly larger ensemble.


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