Leonardo Moja


Sonata in d minor for String Trio, Op.22

Leonardo Moja (1811-1888) was born in the Italian city of Milan where he studied cello with the then well-known teacher Vincenzo Merighi. He enjoyed a career as a performer in Paris and Turin where he was a member of the Royal Chapel Orchestra. He wrote in several genres, but the majority of his oeuvre is either for the cello or chamber music. It is not known exactly when the Op.22 Sonata for String Trio was composed, however, it was published in Paris in 1875. It appears, however, that it dates from the first rather than the second half of the 19th century.


The Sonata is in two parts, beginning with a lengthy Larghetto introduction. The main part of the work is a tuneful Allegro moderato. The entire work has the aura of a genial Italian serenade and here and there, hints of Paganini with his use of Italian vocal melodic writing. (Our soundbite presents about a third of the work)

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