Roderich von Mojsisovics


Soundbites courtesy

 of Steve Jones

Serenade for String Trio in A Major, Op.21

Roderich von Mojsisovics' Serenade for String Trio in one movement, his Opus 21, dates from 1908. All of his themes are interesting, especially the calm and lyrical second theme and the lengthy slow episode is quite inspired. His use of chromaticism requires experienced players, but this is a work which is sure to make a strong impression and belongs in the concert hall."---Wilhelm Altmann, writing in his Chamber Music Handbook


Roderich von Mojsisovics (1877-1953) was born in the Austrian city of Graz, the provincial capital of Styria. He studied composition at the Graz Conservatory with Erich Degner and later with Ludwig Thuille in Munich. He pursued a career as a conductor, music director and teacher. Although he held positions in Mannheim and Munich, he served as Director of the Graz Musikverein more than 20 years. Most of his compositions were for voice.


Written in the post-Brahmsian, very late Romantic style, this is a valuable modern tonal work for string trio. Unavailable for many years, we are pleased to reintroduce it.


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