Moritz Moszkowski


Ballade for Violin and Piano, Op.16 No.1

Moritz Moszkowski's Bolero was the first of two works he composed for prominent violinists. Ballade was dedicated to Gustav Hille. The second work was called Bolero and dedicated to Marianne Stresow. Both works date from 1877. They were published and sold separately and we offer them that way. However, if you want both, we offer tham together at a special price. The Ballade begins as a languid, lyrical song but quickly turns into a virtuosic showpiece.


Moritz (Maurice) Moszkowski (1854-1925) was born in Breslau, Prussia (now Wroclaw, Poland). He studied music in Breslau, Dresden and Berlin. He not only enjoyed a career as a brilliant and prominent concert pianist and respected conductor, but was also a fine composer and a first rate teacher. Among his many students were Thomas Beecham, Frank Damrosch, Josef Hofmann and Joaquin Turina. Although his music is little known today, it was popular during the late nineteenth century. He was quite prolific, composing over two hundred pieces. Of Moszkowski, the famous pianist Paderewski wrote, "After Chopin, he best understands how to write for the piano." Although Moszkowski primarily small scale piano pieces, he also wrote larger scale works including a Piano Concerto, a Violin Concerto, two orchestral suites, a symphony, a ballet and an opera.


(A) Ballade for Violin & Piano $19.95
(C) Ballade & Bolero for Violin & Piano $26.95



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