Jules Mouquet


Solo de Concours for Clarinet and Piano

Jules Mouquet (1867-1946) was born in Paris. He studied at the Conservatory there with Theodore Dubois, winning several prizes for his compositions, including the prestigious Prix de Rome. He eventually became a professor at the Conservatory where he taught for several years.


The Concours were solo concerts held by the Paris Conservatory and were widely regarded as the most prestigious in France. As a rule, the professors of a particular instrument would chose the Concours piece for a given year to be performed by the various entrants for the prize. These were usually works by earlier composers such as Weber or Spohr among others. But starting in 1897 the French Ministry of Education annually commissioned French composers to write for the Concours and several superb works were created as a result by men such as Andre Mesager, Henri Rabaud and Jules Mouquet. Many of these composers, in fact, never wrote another solo work for clarinet.  Mouquet's Solo de Concourse was used for the year 1901.


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