Pietro Nardini

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Sonata in f minor for Viola and Piano

Pietro Nardini (1722-1793) was born in the Italian town of Fibiana. He studied the violin with the famous virtuoso and teacher Giuseppe Tartini after which he obtained various positions in southern Germany but eventually returning to Italy to serve as Music Director for the Grand Duke of Tuscany in Florence. Most of his compositions were for the violin.


The origins of this sonata are not known. Some scholars believe that Nardini did not write any viola sonatas and that the f minor Sonata is an arrangement of a violin sonata. Other scholars note that no violin sonata has turned up which would support this supposition and point to the fact that even before 1775 this work had appeared as a sonata for viola and piano. Certainly by the middle of the 19 century, this sonata was part and parcel of the violists meager repertoire and was one of the best known from the baroque era. Our edition is based on the Leopold Zellner's late 19 century edition of the work. It is in three movements, Allegro Moderato, Andante and Allegretto.


Long unavailable, this sonata makes a useful addition for violists looking for recital works from the late baroque era.


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