Oskar Nedbal

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Violin Sonata in b minor, Op.9

Oskar Nedbal (1874-1930) was born in the Czech town of Tabor. He studied violin and composition, the latter with Dvorak, at the Prague Conservatory. A fine violinist, he was a founding member of the famous Bohemian String Quartet and also served as conductor of the Prague Philharmonic for over a decade.


The Sonata in b minor was completed in 1894 and is an example not only of Nedbal's gift for melody but also the stylistic excellence of his writing. It opens with a lengthy, dramatic Andante maestoso introduction, which leads to a hard-driving Allegro con moto. The lovely middle movement, might well be called a Romance. In the finale, Allegro, Nedbal shows his stripes a Czech fiddler as the music is filled with Bohemian folk dances.


Here is an excellent late romantic sonata, beautifully written for both instruments and sure to be a success in the recital hall.


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