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Piano Trio No.1 in D Major, Op.4

Ludvig Norman's Piano Trio No.1 in D Major was composed in 1849 while he was studying in Leipzig. Through the efforts of his friend Robert Schumann, this trio along with several other of his early works received publication. It is a youthful work, not surprisingly showing the influence of both Schumann and Mendelssohn, undoubtedly the two most important composers of the age. The first movement, Allegro con brio, is just that, full of energy, optimism and forward motion. The second movement, Intermezzo, allegro, is closer to a scherzo in mood, bright and lively with a Schumannesque, march-like main theme. A second subject is more lyrical. Next comes a reflective Adagio cantabile. The sad main subject first introduced by the violin and then the cello is full of pathos. Once again, in the buoyant and effective finale, Allegro con fuoco, we can plainly hear the guiding hand of Schumann. Is it any wonder that the 18 year old Norman fell under the spell of his friend and mentor. He was hardly the only one.


Ludvig Norman (1831-1885) was born in Stockholm. He studied at the Leipzig Conservatory shortly after it was founded by Mendelssohn. His composition teachers were Julius Rietz and Moritz Hauptmanna, his piano professor was Ignaz Moscheles. A prolific composer, he also enjoyed a career as a pianist, conductor and teacher. Among his many pupils was the prominent composer Elfrida Andrée. Norman composed in a wide variety of genres, and chamber music was an important part of his oeuvre, among which there are two piano trios, a piano quartet, a piano sextet, five string quartets, a string quintet, a string sextet and a string octet


Long out of print and unavailable, we are pleased to present it once again. It would do well in the concert hall and is also a good choice for amateurs.


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