Jacques Offenbach

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Deux Âmes au Ciel

Introduction et Valse Mélancolique

Réverie au Bord de la Mer

La Course en Traineau

Four Recital Pieces for Cello & Piano

No doubt you have heard of Jacques Offenbach (1819-1881), the famous composer of La vie Parisienne, La belle Helene, The Tales of Hoffmann and many other operettas. But did you know that Offenbach was first a concert cellist, who made his living playing in orchestras, giving solo recitals with accompanists such as Franz Liszt and Anton Rubinstein and performing piano trios with Felix Mendelssohn and Joseph Joachim! He wrote several works for cello and piano intended for the recital hall, most of which he himself premiered.


We have selected four (which we also offer individually) and made a small recital album from them at an attractive price. The four works are: Deux Âmes au Ciel (Two Souls in Heaven), Introduction et Valse Mélancolique, Réverie au Bord de la Mer (Seashore Reverie) and La Course en Traineau (The Sleigh Race). These works were composed between 1839-49, the period during which Offenbach was most active as a recitalist. They were regularly found on his programs. Each work has a different mood and shows different aspects of the cello. They are not only very well-written for the cello, as one might expect, but also perfect for the recital hall.


It is a shame that these fine works have been left out of the standard recital albums for cello for they are certainly as fine as most of the pieces to be found in those albums. For this reason, we are pleased to make them available. Written for cellists by a cellist who was a first rate composer, this album will certainly find a warm welcome on music stands.

Parts: $29.95 




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