Jacques Offenbach


Réverie au Bord de la Mer for Cello & Piano

The Réverie  was composed in 1849 at which time Offenbach was primarily working as a concert cellist. This was a work he himself played and used to showcase his wonderful tone and the singing quality of his playing.


Jacques Offenbach (1819-1881) is known by one and all as the famous composer of operettas. What is not known is that he was first a concert cellist, who made his living playing in orchestras, giving solo and chamber music concerts. He wrote several works for cello and piano intended for the recital hall and most of which he himself premiered.


Réverie au Bord de la Mer (Seashore Reverie) is, as the title implies, primarily peaceful, but within its framework, Offenbach introduces many bridge passages which take the cello from the depths of its C string to the heights on its A string.


This beautiful work has been out of print for years and is another fine addition to the rectial repertoire.

Parts: $10.95 




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