Juan Oliver y Astorga

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String Trio in C Major for 2 Violins and Cello

Juan Oliver y Astorga (1733-1830) was born in in the Spanish town of Yecla He received training on the violin and in composition, after which he obtained various positions as a violinist in Naples, Stuttgart, Frankfurt and London. Oliver's musical style was forged in Germany, in the tradition of and in the manner of the Mannheim composers although he retained certain characteristics of the Italian and Spanish styles of composition. In London, he often collaborated with Johann Christian Bach and Karl Friedrich Abel. After several years in England, he returned to Spain and moved to Madrid where he befriended and worked with Boccherini. He is generally regarded, along with Boccherini, Soler, Scarlatti and Brunetti, as one of the most important musicians working in late 18th century Spain.


The Trio in C Major is not a trio sonata, but a work in which each voice takes an important part. Although we do not know when exactly it was first published, judging from its style and the fact that it is for two violins and cello and not for violin, viola and cello, a style which only became common at the very end of the 18th century, it is likely that this work was composed in the mid 1770ís. It is in the style of the Mannheim composers such as Johann Stamitz and Leopold Mozart. Each instrument is handled quite well and Oliver shows that he a gift for melody as well as a true understanding of chamber music.


Out of print for many years, we are pleased to make it available once again.


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