Ignatius de Orellana

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String Trio in c minor

There is very little information available about the English violinist, conductor and composer, Ignatius de Orellana (1860-1931)  He was born in the town of St. Helier, on the island of Jersey. He studied violin in London and worked as leader of several London theater orchestras before becoming a conductor of operetta and musical comedies. He was also a composer, though few of his compositions seem to have survived. He wrote the overture to Noel Coward's musical, Bittersweet.


His String Trio in c minor was published in London in the late 1880's. In four movements, the first, Adagio-Allegro ma non troppo, begins with a slow, gloomy baroque-sounding introduction. The main part of the movement has a stormy quality and full of forward drive. The principal subject of the second movement, Andante cantabile, is a lovely, dignified melody first sung by the viola. Next comes a bright, chirpy Menuetto, quasi allegro. The finale, Allegro, is an energetic, foot stomping rondo.


This pleasant work makes no grand pretensions. Clearly intended to serve as house music, it succeeds admirably in its goal. Well-written, with grateful parts for all and presenting no technical difficulties, this is a work which amateur trios will certainly enjoy.


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