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Piano Quartet in d minor, Op.25

Dora Pejačevič (1885-1923 until recently spelled Pejacsevich) was born in Budapest, the daughter of an important Croatian aristocrat. Her mother had been a pianist. She studied piano and violin locally before attending various conservatories. At the Munich Conservatory she studied composition with Walter Courvoisier and violin with Henri Petri, although it has been said that she was mostly self-taught. Today, she is considered one Croatia's most important 20th century composers and many of her works, during her lifetime, enjoyed considerable success and were performed throughout Germany, Austria, Hungary and the rest of the Habsburg Empire.


The Piano Quartet in d minor was completed in 1908. Though she was only 23, the Quartet is clearly the work of a mature composer. It is primarily written in the late Romantic style although there are a few adventurous tonal episodes. The Quartet begins with a very appealing Allegro, at times quite chromatic. It is followed by a lyrical Adagio, the main theme to which, though simple, is quite warm and winning. The third movement is marked Menuetto, allegretto, and is an interesting blend of of the Romantic and classic, a cross between a romantic intermezzo and a playful modern and updated minuet. The finale, Rondo, is a spirited, carefree dance with highly effective use of pizzicato.


This is a first rate late romantic work which is certain to be a success in the concert hall but is also to be recommended to amateurs. Long out of print, we are pleased to bring it to your attention and to make it available.


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