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Piano Trio No.2 in D Major, Op.103

Georges Pfeiffer (1835-1908) was born in Paris. His mother was a pianist and student of the famous virtuoso Friedrich Kalkbrenner. His father was a piano maker and ran the Pleyel piano store in Paris. After studying at the Paris Conservatory, Pfeiffer pursued a career as a performer and composer. As a performer, he was particularly active in the realm of chamber music serving as pianist for several French chamber music societies. He composed two piano trios, two piano quartets, a piano quintet and some instrumental sonatas.


His Second Piano Trio dates from 1885. The opening Allegro moderato has a searching melody for its main theme. Tension is slowly built to dramatic climax after which a slinky march-like melody follows. The second movement is a bright, airy, fluttering Scherzo. The trio section is a simple, but attractive country dance. The cello gives forth the lovely and lyrical main theme of the Largo which follows. It is valedictory and reflective, almost haunting. The finale, Allegro ma non troppo, is busy and lilting, conveying the bustle and charm of late 19th century Paris.


Out of print for the better part of a century, we are pleased to reintroduce this very worthwhile piano trio should interest professionals and amateurs. Pfeiffer speaks with a fresh and original voice. We have reprinted the original edition, however, we have corrected mistakes and added rehearsal letters.

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