Gabriel PiernÚ


Solo de Concert for Bassoon and Piano, Op.35

Gabriel PiernÚ (1863-1937) was born in the French city of Metz. His parents were musicians and he was eventually sent to study at the Paris Conservatoire, where his teachers included CÚsar Franck and Jules Massenet. A gifted and highly talented student, he won several prizes, including performance awards in piano and organ and composition awards in counterpoint and fugue. He also won the prestigious Prix de Rome in 1882. He enjoyed a successful career as an organist as well as a conductor at the Ballets Russes in Paris. He was also a prolific composer who left several works in most genres.


The Solo de Concert was written for a competition in 1898. It is in three sections---a dramatic opening section followed by a lyrical, cantabile middle section and concluding with a brilliant coda.


This superb work was intended as a solo recital piece but also can make a superb encore

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