Wilhelm Popp


Schwanengesang for Flute, Cello and Piano, Op.312

Wilhelm Popp (1828-1903) was born in the German city of Coburg. He became a virtuoso on the flute which he had studied with Caspar Kummer and also on the piano which he had taught himself. He held positions at the Ducal court in Coberg but also toured as a soloist on both instruments. He was best known, however, as a composer for the flute, writing over 400 works for that instrument. References sources as late as 1920 stated he was one of the most important composer for flute but for inexplicable reasons, his name has all but disappeared from musical lexicons of today.


While most of his compositions, as noted, were for flute, usually flute and piano, his publishers often asked him to arrange several of his works for chamber ensembles, most often for flute, cello and piano. This he did and the Schwanengesang, the swan song, is one such work. It dates from 1883 and Popp subtitled it a Romance

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