Walter Rabl

No.1 Adagio molto

No.2 Allegro Vivace

No.3 Allegro conspirito

No.4 Adagio con espressione

No.5 Allegro con impeto

No.6 Allegretto grazioso

No.7 Largo

No.8 Allegro vivace

Fantasiestucke for Piano Trio, Op.2

“Walter Rabl’s Fantasy Pieces for piano trio appeared in 1897. These wonderful works will not only be welcome in the concert hall but also in the homes of amateurs. No.1 is a deeply felt Adagio molto. No.2, Allegro vivace is a rustic Austrian peasant dance. No.3, Allegro con spirito pleases by virtue of its simple humor, Especially fine is No.4, a delicate Adagio con espressione which is in the form of a canon. No.5, Allegro con impeto, is both energic and stormy while No.7, a short atmospheric Largo, serves as a serious introduction to the finale piece No.8, a lilting Allegro vivace.”---Wilhelm Altmann writing in his Handbook for Piano Trio Players


Walter Rabl (1873-1940), was born in Vienna.  He studied at the Vienna, Prague and Salzburg conservatories with Karl Navratil and Guido Adler. His composing career was rather short and most of what he wrote was either for voice or the opera. He made his name as a conductor and only has three chamber works to his credit, this set of fantasy pieces for piano trio, a quartet for violin, clarinet, cello and piano which was awarded a prize by Brahms in a competition and a violin sonata.


The Fantasy Pieces were originally published in 2 books and sold that way, no doubt to earn more money for the publisher. We, however, are offering all eight pieces together under one cover at a very moderate price in hopes that you will be tempted by these fine works.


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