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Violin Sonata in D Major, Op.6

Walter Rabl's Violin Sonata in D Major dates from 1899. The opening movement, Allegro moderato, ma energico, bursts forth in a very dramatic fashion, the main theme is full of vigor and of a heroic nature. The second subject, calmer and a little pensive. The second movement, Adagio con espressione, begins with a gorgeous, long-lined vocal melody. It is in the vein of a sad plaint. A second theme, quite romantic, is of equal beauty. Next comes a brief Allegretto grazioso, which is in the form of a playful intermezzo, leisurely and genial. The finale, Allegro vivace, begins in canonic fashion with the violin and then the piano alternately entering to restate the very brisk theme. The second subject is much slower and begins in a melancholy way but its lyricism is at the same time highly romantic.


Walter Rabl (1873-1940), was born in Vienna.  He studied at the Vienna, Prague and Salzburg conservatories with Karl Navratil and Guido Adler. His composing career was rather short and most of what he wrote was either for voice or the opera. He made his name as a conductor and only has three chamber works to his credit, a set of fantasy pieces for piano trio, a quartet for violin, clarinet, cello and piano which was awarded a prize by Brahms in a competition and this violin sonata


This is a first class work which deserves to be heard in recital. It can be recommended not only to professionals but also to experienced amateurs. Long out of print, we are very pleased to make it available once again.


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