Sergei Rachmaninov




Romance & Danse Hongrois for Violin & Piano

Sergei Rachmaninov (1873-1943) is well-known both for having been a famous piano virtuoso and for having composed several important piano concertos as well as other works for orchestra. Few, however, know that he wrote chamber music.


The Romance and Danse Hongrois for Violin and Piano, Op.6 No.1 and No.2, were composed in 1893 and originally appeared under the title Deux Morceaux de Salon and were dedicated to the violinist and composer Julius Conus. Both works are in the key of d minor. The lovely Romance begins with a flowing melody in the violin. Not without drama, of note is the violin cadenza just before the coda.


The Danse Hongrois, marked vivace, is a brilliant and exciting show piece, typical of Rachmaninov, especially in the wonderful piano accompaniment. It is a surprise indeed to note how fine the violin writing is, in view of the fact that as a pianist, he primarily wrote for his own instrument. 


Often sold individually, we offer you the option to by either work separately, or,  as a special offer, together. They make excellent and impressive recital pieces.


(A) Romance $11.95
(B) Danse Hongrois $16.95
(C) Both Works $19.95




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