Carl Reinecke

From 1st Movt of
Op.159 No.1

Three Light Trios for Violin, Cello & Piano, Op.159

"One must not forget how good these trios sound and how well they are put together Just because they are relatively easy to play and present no technical problems. These works are perfect for amateur trios planning a recital and should not be overlooked by professionals who need something pleasing they can perform with perhaps just one rehearsal. These tuneful, Schumannesque works are a valuable addition to the piano trio repertoire."---The Editor of the Chamber Music Journal.


Nowadays, Carl Reinecke (1824-1910) has been all but forgotten, an unjust fate, to be sure, for a man who excelled in virtually every musical field with which he was involved. As a performer, Reinecke was, during the mid-19th century, reckoned for three decades as one of the finest concert pianists before the public. As a composer, he produced widely respected and often performed works in every genre running the gamut from opera, to orchestral to chamber music. As a conductor, he helped turn the Leipzig Gewandhaus Orchestra into a group with few if any peers. As its director, he helped the Leipzig Conservatory become what was widely regarded as the finest in the world. As a teacher of composition and of piano, he was considered to have few if any equals. Among his many students were Grieg, Bruch, Janacek, Albeniz, Sinding, Svendsen, Reznicek, Delius, Arthur Sullivan, George Chadwick, Ethel Smyth, Felix Weingartner, Karl Muck and Hugo Riemann. In his time, Reinecke and his music were unquestionably regarded as first rate.


Unfortunately, these trios, which date from 1880, have not been recorded. However, we were able to find an old recital tape of an amateur trio playing the first movement to Op.159 No.1, Allegro moderato. It is typical of the style used in all of these trios, which are pleasing to hear, effectively written and have good part writing. Reinecke entitled the works "Light" trios and by which he meant of no great technical difficulty but also on the lighter side musically.


Long out of print, these trios were sold individually to maximize the publisher's profits. We have put them all together as a collection and are pleased to offer them at a very attractive price. In addition, we have corrected a page turn problem in the cello part which all but made performance impossible.


Parts: $37.95





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