Franz Ries

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String Quartet No.1 in d minor, Op.5

“Franz Ries’ String Quartet in d minor appeared in 1869. Like so many who came after them, this quartet unmistakably shows the influence of Beethoven, Schubert and Mendelssohn. In Ries' case this must come as no surprise as he himself was a violinist, the son of Hubert Ries concert master of the Royal Berlin Orchestra, and as a member for many years of the well-known Pariser String Quartet undoubted played the quartets of all of these composers. Not only is the structure of the quartet outstanding but his melodic material is also highly appealing. It is a work sure to win friends”---the famous scholar and critic Wilhelm Altmann, writing in his Handbook for String Quartet Players.


Franz Ries (1846-1932) was born in Berlin where his father, a leading violinist in that city, was his first teacher. He subsequently studied at the Paris Conservatory with Vieuxtemps and Massart. After graduating, he enjoyed a career as a soloist until nerve damage to his hand forced him to abandon it. Subsequently, he worked as a composer and music publisher.

We have reprinted the original 1866 edition which has been out print for more than a century and can warmly recommend it

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