The Viennese Dance Series for Chamber Ensembles

Josef Rixner


Spanischer Marsch for Piano Trio

Josef Rixner (1902-1973) was born in Munich. He studied violin and piano but was largely self-taught as a composer. He pursued a career as a performer in Berlin from 1919 to 1932. Thereafter, he lived in Garmisch-Partenkirchen. He was a composer of popular operettas, including the Du Liebe Augustin, The Vagabond from Vienna and Musician from Vienna. He also had several popular orchestral works to his credit, melodies from which were so popular that many, such as his Spanischer Marsch, appeared in several arrangements and could often be heard in the cafes of Vienna, Berlin, Prague, Budapest and many other cities of Mitteleuropa. (Central Europe)


The Spanischner Marsch (Spanish March) was taken from his Suite for wind instruments, Frohes Wochenend (Gay Weekend) and dates from 1940.


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