Joseph-Guy Ropartz

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Piano Trio in a minor

“Ropartz's Piano Trio in a minor, composed in 1918, would undoubtedly make an effective work in the concert hall. However, it must be admitted that it is not particularly easy to play. Nonetheless, all competent amateurs ought to try this spirited and stimulating work. The composer's use of harmony is quite individual but he is essentially a melodist. The main theme of the very poetic opening movement, Modérément animé, has a preponderantly sweet quality. It is followed by a lively and sharply accented scherzo, Vif. The middle section is dominated by its harmony. A slow movement, Lent, is particularly charming. Here the themes are noble and warm-hearted. The main theme of the finale, Animé, is both powerful and jovial. A lyrical second theme provides fine contrast. The movement holds one's interest entirely."---Handbook for Piano Trio Players by Wilhelm Altmann


Joseph-Guy Ropartz (1864-1955) was born in Guingamp, Côtes-d'Armor in the French province of Brittany. He studied composition at the Paris Conservatory with Théodore Dubois and Jules Massenet, and organ with César Franck. He enjoyed a long career as both a teacher and a conductor. Ropartz was associated with the Breton cultural renaissance of the era, setting to music the words of several Breton writers. His musical style was influenced by Claude Debussy and Cesar Franck. However he identified himself as a Celtic Breton rather than a Frenchman. He wrote in most genres and devoted considerable time to chamber music penning six string quartets.

This is a very original and engaging work which should be of interest to both professionals and amateurs. Out of print for many years, it is with pleasure that we reintroduce it.

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