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Trio for Oboe, Viola and Piano, Op.34

Adolf Ruthardt (1849-1934) was born in the German city of Stuttgart, where his father served as an oboist in the court orchestra. He studied piano and composition in that city before beginning a career as a teacher and composer. He eventually became a professor of piano at the Leipzig Conservatory.


Most of his compositions are pedagogical works for piano. His Trio for Oboe, Viola and Piano is one of his few chamber works. It dates from 1890 and is in three movements. It is a late romantic era work which already shows some signs of advanced tonalities. It begins with a genial Allegro moderato. The middle movement, Andante, though subtitled Ballad might well have been titled Fantasia. It passes through many moods from dreamy and reflective to light-hearted and spirited. An engaging Rondo concludes this very appealing work. We wish to thank Paul Schlossman for providing the music for the soundbites.


Other words for this combination which we also offer include Robert Kahn's Trio Serenade, August Klughardt's Schilflieder, Hugo Kauder's Trio and Charles Martin Loeffler's Two Rhapsodies, These make excellent contrasting companion works.

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