Adolf Sandberger

Soundbite 2nd Movt

Trio for Violin, Viola & Piano, Op.4

The German msuicologist and composer Adolf Sandberger (1864-1943) studied with Josef Rheinberger in Munich. His Sonata for Violin, Viola and Piano, Op.4 dates from 1906 and was dedicated to the famous conductor Felix Weingartner, who was also a composer. The dedicatee gives some indication of what we might expect. It is a work full of dramatic episodes, rather well-written. On the front of the Breitkopf & Härtel edition, it is marked “Mittelschwere”, i.e. medium difficulty. But technical speaking, though not for beginners, this is not a particularly difficult work. Its four movements—–Mit leidenschaft (with passion), Langsam und ausdrucksvoll (slow and full of expression) this is our soundbite, Rasch (quick) and Rasch und Kräftig (quick and powerful) are effective and convincing.


Here is a very good work suitable for both concert and home. So writes The Chamber Music Journal. It has bee out of print for for the better part of a century, we are pleased to make it available once again and believe it is a valuable addition to this small repertoire.

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