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Piano Trio No.2 in F Major, Op.62

“Georg Schumann's Piano Trio No.2 in F Major appeared in 1915. It is an outstanding work and shows the hand of a master composer in each of its four movements. He is a worthy successor or Robert Schumann and Brahms. The first movement, Allegro animato, begins in a genial vein and is followed by an extraordinarily fine second subject. The ideas and their working out are superb hold the listener's attention throughout. The second movement, Adagio con passione, begins with an impressive singing theme in the cello. The middle section of the movement provides a lovely contrast. The third movement, Allegretto, is a kind of intermezzo and is attached to quicker and fetching scherzo, Presto. The original rhythm adds to the attraction. The finale, Allegro, is by and large a sunny, bright affair. Here is a work which if given a chance is sure to wind many friends, a work to treasure."----The famed critic Wilhelm Altmann writing in his Handbook for Piano Trio Players.


Georg Schumann (1866-1952) was born in the German town of Konigstein. He was born into a musical family. His father was the town Music Director and he initially studied piano and violin with him. He studied organ in Dresden and then entered the Leipzig conservatory where he studied piano with Reinecke and composition with Salomon Jadassohn. He became a brilliant pianist and started off on a solo career but later branched off and enjoyed a conducting career in Bremen and later Berlin where he also taught. He composed throughout his life and he was especially fond of chamber music and composed two piano trios, two piano quintets, a piano quartet and some instrumental sonatas.


Like his first trio, we think that this trio as well deserves the sobriquet of masterpiece and cannot understand how it has been ignored for the better part of a century, at least outside of Germany. Long unavailable, we are pleased to reintroduce it and recommend to professionals and experienced amateur players.


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