Bernhard Sekles

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Capriccio for Piano Trio

"Bernhard Sekles' piano trio, to which he gave the name Capriccio, appeared in 1932. It is, without doubt, an extravagant work from the standpoint of harmony. The opening movement, Praeludio, is more polytonal than traditionally tonal. The charming and tonally more traditional second movement, a nervous Scherzino, is original and full of bazarre humor. Next comes an Intermezzo which is followed by a set of ingenious variations on the theme of Yankee Doodle meant to be a burlesque. There is no doubt that this work will be a success in the concert hall."---the famous chamber music critic Wilhelm Altmann, writing in his Handbook for Piano Trio Players.


Bernhard Sekles (1872-1934) was born in the then German city of Frankfurt am Main. Although his musical talent showed itself early, his parents did not want him to become a musician. It was only upon the intervention of the well-known Frankfurt composer Wilhelm Hill (some of whose works we publish) that Sekles was allowed to attend the Frankfurt Hochschule für Musik where he studied with Ivan Knorr. Sekles enjoyed a career as a teacher both in his native Frankfurt and in Mainz, eventually becoming director of the Frankfurt Hochschule.



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