The Silvertrust Guides to Chamber Music

By Raymond Silvertrust, Editor of The Chamber Music Journal

The main objective of these guides is to provide both professional and amateur chamber music players, as well as concert-goers, with a practical reference to the chamber music literature. But these are a special type of guide which up until now have not existed in English; Guides which can be used as an aid in helping explore the wider world of chamber music, most of which is virtually unknown to professional and amateur musicians as well as the listening public. Those who take the time and trouble to make the trip will be well rewarded and will have the opportunity to make many exciting discoveries. This is because there are an incredible number of excellent pieces, many masterpieces in their own right, awaiting a hearing. There have been many composers posterity has forgotten whose music has literally been brought back to life through the efforts of devotees.


These guides are free to view and download but are also available in hard copy at a very nominal prices


A Guide to the String Trio Literature---Now Available---Click Here

A Guide to the String Quartet Literature---Available in 2018

A Guide to the String Quintet Literature---Available in 2017

A Guide to the Literature for String Sextets to Nonets---Available in 2017

A Guide to the Piano Trio Literature---Now Available-Click Here

A Guide to the Piano Quartet Literature---Now Available-Click Here

A Guide to the Piano Quintet and Piano Sextet Literature---Now Available--Click Here

A Guide to Chamber Music for Winds, Winds and Strings and both with Piano---Available 2018

Monograph: The String Quartets of George Onslow---Now Available---Click Here



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