Leone Sinigaglia

There is no recording of this work available. We suggest you listen to the soundbite from his Scherzo for String Quartet


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tude de Concert for String Quartet, Op.5

Leone Sinigaglia (1868-1944) was born in Turin, the capital of the Italian province of Piedmont. After studying at the local conservatory, he went to Vienna where he met Brahms, Goldmark and Mahler, all of whom he befriended. But it was Dvorak with whom he became a close friend, the latter giving him private lessons in orchestration in Prague. Dvorak was also instrumental in interesting Sinigaglia in the use of folk melody. Sinigaglia eventually returned to Turin where he lived the rest of his life teaching and composing. He collected and arranged over 500 Piedmontese folksongs. Chamber music is an important part of his output.

The …tude de Concert for String Quartet dates from 1894. It was dedicated to the famous Bohemian String Quartet and, even though it is as long as a substantial quartet movement, was nonetheless specifically intended as an encore. And it makes a fabulous one. Unfortunately there is no recording but we recommend you listen to the soundbite from his Scherzo for String Quartet to get some idea of the style.

Long out of print, we are pleased to make it available once again.


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