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 Wind Quintet No.2 in E flat Major

Johann Sobeck's Wind Quintet No.2 in E flat Major was completed between 1890 and 1892. The opening movement begins with a suspenseful Andante sostenuto introduction which leads to the jolly main section, Allegro vivace. The second movement, also Andante sostenuto, in mood recalls the introduction to the opening movement. The music has a folk-like quality. Next comes a witty scherzo, Allegretto giojoso e leggiero, with a finely contrasting lšndler trio. The finale, Larghetto, quasi Allegro, begins with a horn recitativ introduction and a charming, quicker main section.


Johann Sobeck (1831-1914 Jan Sobek in Czech) was a trained at the Prague Conservatory after which he enjoyed a long career as a soloist and as the principal clarinetist of the Royal Orchestra of Hanover. The bulk of his works were for the clarinet in one form or another, such as concertos, sonatas, opera fantasies and so forth. His wind quintets are generally considered his most important and best compositions.


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